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  • Crufts 2015 #ShowTails: cheer ‘Huzzah’ for this unique white Schnauzer

    February 23rd, 2015Laura P (Editor)Crufts 2015, Show Tails

    Huzzah1Meet Huzzah, who’ll be the only white Miniature Schnauzer at Crufts 2015. He’ll be strutting his stuff around the rings on Sunday 8th March, along with 157 other Minis.

    His owner describes Huzzah as excitable, mischievous and eager to please. When not winning rosettes, he enjoys racing round the garden like a loony, and is very loving. Known affectionately as ‘Whinge Bucket’ and ‘Beardy’, he rarely misbehaves (unless he thinks you’re not watching). He has a laid back, soft temperament and lives in harmony with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Romanii.

    Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro, as he is more formally known, was born in April 2012 in Liverpool and now lives in Wales with Lydia Williams. She says: “We are exceptionally proud to have been entrusted with this fantastic and very distinctive boy, and are very excited about his future.”

    Huzzah has placed no lower than 4th at every show he’s attended in the past 18 months. He qualified for Crufts at South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show, where he came 2nd in post graduate dog. “Being white, a colour that is rare in the Miniature Schnauzer world (and not a popular colour with all judges and exhibitors), Huzzah has had an absolute battle to qualify for Crufts.”

    Why is white controversial?

    Miniature Schnauzers were originally bred in Germany in order to size-down the popular standard and giant Schnauzers (both of which only come in two colours, salt & pepper and pure black). Other breeds like the Affenpinscher and the Poodle were used to achieve this, which lead to puppies being born in two new coat varieties: black & silver and pure white.

    The black & silver pups, being very similar to the salt & pepper variety, were widely accepted. The white pups, however, were considered to be not true to type, as neither of their parent breeds (the Standard and the Giant) ever presented with white coats.

    Genetics are quirky, however, and white Miniature Schnauzer puppies continued to be born. They could still be registered as purebred dogs but could not be entered in conformation shows. This is still the case in Canada and the USA, but in 2010, following a year of campaigning by pro-white breeders and exhibitors, the UK Kennel Club agreed to change the breed standard to include the fourth colour. (White had already been accepted by the parent German Pinscher-Schnauzer Klub and the FCI for some years.)

    Against the odds

    Despite the official UK KC acceptance of the coat colour, some Schnauzer kennels are still prejudiced against white dogs. There will be some attendees at the ringside at Crufts who feel like Huzzah does not belong there.

    However, he has an equal number of supporters from around the world on social media. In fact, as of 2015, Huzzah even has his own sponsor: Schnoozing Schnauzers, a company providing all the pet accessories you can think of.


    The future looks bright for this unique little dog. But Huzzah is extra special to his owner and handler, Lydia, for a reason which has nothing to do with his colour.  She has been handling dogs on and off since she was 11. Shortly after acquiring Huzzah as a present for her mother in 2013, she underwent major spinal surgery to remove a tumour and was told that she probably wouldn’t walk again. “Huzzah brought me hope and comfort after the surgery,” she said. “He also got me back on my feet and into the show ring again.” Qualifying her own dog for the world’s greatest dog show was just the vanilla icing on the cake.

    “I shouldn’t be walking, he shouldn’t have qualified. But Team White are here to stay!”

    Please join us in wishing Lydia and Huzzah the very best of luck at Crufts 2015. We’ll catch up with them at the show and let you know how they get on.

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  • You will do well lots of love buzzs mum

  • Tricia Bielawa & Benson

    Good Luck Lydia and Huzzah we are all behind you for your big day 🙂 x

  • Go team white … So excited for Huzzah xxx

  • Very proud of my erstwhile birthday present…..and my daughter! Huzzah is a joy and keeps us all entertained, especially with his partner in crime. Team White and their supporters have worked very hard to achieve this qualification and we wish them all the very best of luck. The gardening is waiting Beardy!

  • Sending our support and encouragement to #TeamWhite. Huzzah is an amazing Pupstar and Lydia is a great ambassador for the Breed and continuing the acknowledgement of ‘White’ Schnauzers.

    Hugo Schnauzer will be signing in for ‘Commetry’ Duties with Adm. Percy Fitzwallace

  • Huzzah is loved by a lot of people and pups, especially his pal Mickey, fellow white mini! We love #TeamWhite

  • Adm. Percy Fitzwallace

    Huzzah is a pawsome mini schnauzer. we are friendys on facebook with his mummy Lydia and we are sooo supporting Team White.

    Me and my posse of mini schnauzers will be doin commetry on our facebook page every crufts night but speshally on Sunday for all the mini schnauzers.

    Go Huzzah! Go Team White! Go Mini Schnauzers!

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